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[E-Book] Daniel Holmes: A Memoir From Malta’s Prison


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A painful and important story of injustice, depression and survival.

Imagine moving to the Mediterranean for a simple life, only to find yourself in and out of court until you’re told you must spend the next 10 years in jail.

That’s what happened to Welshman Daniel Holmes who was caught growing his own cannabis plants and tried in the Maltese courts as a major drug trafficker.

Raw, unflinching and emotional, this long-awaiting memoir was penned from his prison cell and is the first tell-all account of his harrowing experience of Maltese law courts and the humiliation sand deprivations of jail.

Malta eventually decriminalised cannabis possession, partly because of the outrage surrounding this case. But Holmes was only released after eight years on good behaviour. He was bundled off to the UK in the middle of the night and remains banned from Malta until 2023.

With his debut novel now available for purchase exclusively via Lovin Malta, you can join him as he relives his time inside Kordin in a powerful and compelling narrative the likes of which have never been seen before in Malta.